We are Thunderclap Creative. 

An independent, creative house.

We design products, environments and communications that transform brands, drive business and improve people’s lives. 

Conjuring a unique intimacy with our clients.

To invoke transformation and make whats complicated, simple. 

Spinning convention into the exception.

With wild imagination. 



Whether you’re a new brand looking for that unique approach to launch yourself, or an existing organisation wanting a fresh new look, we can help.


A strong brand is the result of strong collaboration between us and you. To do this we first help you define what is unique about your brand through workshops and discovery sessions.

Logo and Identity System:

Good brands inspire, they stand a part from their competitors through seamless experiences - everywhere. We develop a logo along with a comprehensive identity system that is well tested and versatile. So we are confident at the moment of launch that success is the only outcome.

Positioning and Promises:

Consistency is paramount to any successful brand. We will craft a well defined brand voice that articulates your brand promise and positioning across all of your brand touch points. To help with this we create an ironclad brand guide, ensuring the brand identity and message is never lost. 


Are you an Agency or Internal Marketing team in need of fresh ideas? Or perhaps you need experienced design support for that big project coming up?


We can help you to refine your brand, support your advertising, achieve marketing goals and give your marcomms a new lease of life. We have helped corporate groups as well as award winning agencies to achieve their marketing and sales goals. 


Our services vary with each new client based on their unique requests. To date we have developed National and International Ad campaigns, created packaging for famous FMCG brands as well as supported brands during periods of accelerated growth.


We have a team of experienced creatives and marketers who have worked client side and agency side. Bridging the knowledge gap and giving us an upper hand when it comes to client relations, which makes us the lead foot on the accelerator to success.