Pillars Brewery wanted to prove that a craft lager could be as tasty as its ale counterparts, and so re-inventing lager became their mission. After years of experiments, they succeeded in developing a radical new lager recipe and were now eager to break into the competitive craft beer market. 

Thunderclap was invited to imagine the brand and launch the brewery.

Pillars looked to us to help craft a strategy and brand platform, and an overhaul of its initial identity, packaging and digital presence.



To design a more entrancing brand for Pillars Brewery, we first set out to better understand what now drives people’s purchasing behaviour.

Through ethnographic research, in London pubs, festivals, bottle shops and markets as well as category research and interviews with brewery owners and company stakeholders - we were able to identify a new, defining value for Pillars Brewery.

The new Pillars Brewery brand identity, packaging and digital experience draws from that value - and aims to intertwine the untraditional with the familiar. 

Striking visuals leave charm behind in favour of purposeful and persuasive imagery that attempts to influence the emotions, attitudes and actions of craft beer lovers. Driving home the breweries core mission to 'Re-invent Lager' and re-positioning Pillars Brewery as "Proud to be Untraditional".