Pillars Brewery is a craft beer brewery and taproom based in Walthamstow. Founded by four friends with one mission in mind: To reinvent lager. Using the foundational ingredients of beer, combined with four weeks of conditioning and a dry hopping finale, they have created a revolutionary London lager.

Beer = Water + Malted Barley + Hops + Yeast

Adhering to the Pillars of brewing beer: No substitutes, No cheap alternatives. Making Untraditional Lager using the traditional formula.

Our Pillars Brewery 'TAKING ORDERS' concept is an overarching press and brand awareness campaign which was created to establish Pillars Brewery as an Iconic Great British brand. We wanted to educate our audience about the availability of Untraditional Lager and show that Pillars is the only exclusive lager brewery in Britain. Targeting 30+ year old craft beer drinkers, we engaged consumers to redeem a free can of Pillars Untraditional Lager at the brewery taproom.

Each individual press insertion has been adapted and tailored for its audience to ensure the personality of the brand is captured and is engaging at every touch point. Just like the Pillars beer, our adverts are bespoke, one of a kind and iconic in execution.

Our archetypal Untraditional Lager can stands proudly, centre stage, ready to take orders. Just like our Great British Police Force, Pillars Brewery is trustworthy, honest and proud to British.

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