Tackling the new 
Facebook Canvas publishing tool

Have you thought about doing a brand awareness campaign? It can be daunting, it can be uneasy water - but is it worth it?

HELL YES. We are living in extremely unique times in human existence, where we are able to influence almost all of the media that comes our way. Whether it's the books we read, the apps we use, the TV shows we watch. In 2016, a brand that is out of touch will quickly become extinct. Those that listen to consumers and roll with the punches will become the future leaders and innovators in their fields. 

Today, right now, any brand in the world is one video, one piece of content or one re-tweet away from changing its future. The Chewbacca mom went from a deluded woman in a car park, to driving James Corden to work in Carpooling and attending Facebook headquarters to receive her star award, IN UNDER A WEEK. Of course Chewbacca mom may not be a measure of success, but this demonstrates how people are more willing to engage with personality. Without personality, you are just another email address on the chain.

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time"

- Henry Ford

As part of our innovative approach, we embraced Facebook's new publishing tool 'Canvas'. This tool allows for full-screen mobile advertising and was designed with brand stories in mind. Our last campaign for Billy Blue College of Design in Australia was centred around those who are divergent in their approach to all things, and with bold and beautiful creative we created a story for the Wild Minded ones who live among us. The Canvas was the perfect opportunity to dive straight into this new tool.



For marketers:

1. Easy to get in 

Engagement is a priority for brands in a digital world where advertising is so easy to ignore. Having a full-screen interactive canvas to showcase your brand story simply delivers that engagement in a snap. Virtually no load time means that impatient phone users won't abandon the ad before they experience it. 

2. Easy to get out 

Facebook Canvas ads have an arrow on the top left corner that reminds you that you can simply swipe left to escape an ad. By the time your thumb crosses the screen, you are back in your Facebook feed. Painless.

3. Hello? Anybody home?

Facebook Canvas is an answer to the question about where to put content. It's like delivering a small website right to your customer's thumb.   

4. It's easy to build

The environment for Canvas requires no special coding knowledge to create. Great content still requires an investment to produce, but you can put your cash money towards what matters - the creative.


Moving forward

We expect other platforms to emerge that imitate the nature of this platform outside of Facebook. The appeal for brands and consumers is real. But the ultimate success will be determined by brands' willingness to invest in content people actually want to consume. 




For designers:

1. New toys? 

The canvas offers designers some new toys to play with: some familiar, some less so. The Canvas builder interface is simple and intuitive. You can have sticky headers for logos, image carousels, video, text, buttons and tilt reveal images. For any digital savvy designer it would all seem pretty familiar.  

2. What it does best 

Everything's simple - its limitations become its strengths. The functionality and UX is seamless and beautiful in its simplicity. The Canvas lives up to its name, it is a place for designers to truly start with nothing and create something unique, allowing the design to speak for itself.

3. What you shouldn't do

Initially we experimented with the Canvas' capabilities and used all of the components it had on offer. We quickly realised that for a truly branded experience, using the text and button components just wouldn't cut it. Instead we opted for full screen images with our clients branded fonts and button elements.   

4. PS Canvas Template

We developed a template in-house to help speed things up. You can download our Photoshop CC template below.


[unex_ce_button id="content_y5leahmuv,column_content_mctagagl1" button_text_color="#000000" button_font="semibold" button_font_size="15px" button_width="auto" button_alignment="center" button_text_spacing="2px" button_bg_color="#ffffff" button_padding="15px 60px 15px 60px" button_border_width="3px" button_border_color="#ffffff" button_border_radius="0px" button_text_hover_color="#ffffff" button_text_spacing_hover="2px" button_bg_hover_color="transparent" button_border_hover_color="#ffffff" button_link="https://mega.nz/#!xEByVaDY!EJKcWABmmsabgAMTVYPtCoWOxgr1BLMpie-yLrBIW3Y" button_link_type="url" button_link_target="_blank" has_container="" in_column="1"]Download Canvas Template[/ce_button]